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Dog training
We specialise in dogs with behavioural and socialisation problems such as:
Dog to dog aggression
Dog to people aggression
Biting/nipping problems
Nervous Aggression
Excessive Barking
Pulling on the lead-Jumping up
Over excitement with people
Chewing/destructive behaviour
Nervous Behaviour - fears and phobias
Car Travel problems
Recall issues - failing to return

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Dog walking (We will be happy to work on any of these problems above while walking your dog.)
Pet Feeding
House Sitting
Animal Boarding
Day Care
Puppy Care
Pet Taxi
Administration of medicine


Puppy inductions and one to one training - £35 for the first session and then £20 per session thereafter.
Dog walking- £10 for one dog and extra dogs will be discounted.
( Extra £2 for journeys over 3 miles.)
Dog sitting - Please contact with details.
Cat sitting - £10 for 2 daily visits.
Vet visits - £15